Hump Day Bowlers League - Season has ended

First, we hope all our Hump Day Bowlers and their families are well and taking care of themselves.  It’s been a very tough time for everyone.  Most importantly, please make sure you are being vigilant in your health and well-being.  You are a vital member to this group of bowlers and we look forward to returning in the Fall.

With that being said, based on votes received from every team, the vast majority decided to finish the season early.  Being supportive to all members, ending the season and returning league funds to you, will be of great help and benefit to everyone.  You can review that decision and information regarding end of season awards and payouts HERE.  Be well and we're looking forward to returning in the fall and starting up the 19th season of the Hump Day Bowlers League.

Congrats to new (and renewed) League Officers!   

Elections were held this year via email to all league members.  That was a little different.  Votes were tallied and re-elected as League President is Janel Aikens.  And your new Secretary/Treasurer is Chris Overlie.  Congratulations to them both and thanks to those league members for stepping up and running for officer positions.  For all your League Officers and contact info, check our League Officer Page.

We'll see you this fall season   

But don't forget to look up the Hump Day Bowlers Group on Facebook and @HumpDayBowlers on Twitter.  That's your place for information to find, help from other bowlers, or post your Hump Day Bowler pictures.  Check out the Calendar page, here on our website for upcoming events. 


Hump Day Bowlers By-Laws

RULE 22 - Miscellaneous

Any items not covered in these bylaws shall be governed by the current year's publication of the USBC Congress' Rule Book.